February 2006

Newsletter Spring 06

At a meeting of West Berks Council’s Eastern Area Planning Committee on January 25th, Councillors finally gave the “No Objections” to the massive laser building, which in due course will appear alongside Paices Hill. Evelyn was unfortunately time-barred from speaking against the proposal yet again – a total of 5 minutes was allocated for all objections, which is a nonsense when 4 parties have booked in to speak.

CoRWM - Response to public consultation on Management

AWE Aldermaston is already an Option 1 site (interim storage above ground) without any public consultation.  We do not know how much research was done before the ILW stores were put in place.  There is a history of ILW being stored at Aldermaston with varying degrees of safety which dates back to 1982 when sea-dumping ceased.

ILW is going to have to remain on site for at least 50 years from what is reported in the papers we have been sent.