NAG Public Meeting on AWE emergency planning: 'From Fukushima to Reading: Public protection or public whitewash?'




NAG Public Meeting

From Fukushima to Reading: Public Protection or public whitewash?


Guest speaker: John Large (international consultant on nuclear safety)


Chaired by Paul Gittings, Lead Councillor for Environment and Climate change, Reading Borough Council



Wednesday 31 October 2012

7.00 pm - 9.00 pm


Reading International Solidarity Centre

35 - 39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS


Organised jointly by Nuclear Awareness Group and Reading Peace Group

All welcome - admission free



The Fukushima nuclear disaster has exposed serious shortfalls in nuclear emergency planning arrangements. In the light of the Fukushima crisis, independent nuclear safety consultant John Large has analysed emergency planning arrangments for the Atomic Weapons Establishment - the factory where the UK's nuclear weapons are made, barely ten miles from the major urban centre of Reading.

Just how safe are we? Join John Large for an evening of discussion and debate on the risks that the nuclear industry poses to the public.

All welcome - admission free.

Organised by Nuclear Awareness Group and Reading Peace Group.

Followed by brief NAG Annual General Meeting.