NAG Newsletter Summer 2016 - and our next meeting on 19 July

The summer NAG newsletter is now online - available to download at the bottom of this page.


Our next meeting is as follows:

“AWE – Britain's Nuclear Weapons Factory: Past, Present and Possibilities for the Future”.

Presentation by Peter Burt of Nuclear Information Service.

Tuesday July 19th, 7pm at the RISC Centre, 35-39 London Street, Reading, RG1 4PS.

All welcome - admission free.

NAG events: summer 2011

Next NAG meeting:
Wednesday 13 July 2011

Discussion / strategy meeting and update on what's happening

7pm, RISC Centre, 35-39 London Street, Reading
All welcome – admission free

Film screening: 'Countdown to Zero'

A documentary film about nuclear threats

Introduced by Councillor Deborah Edwards, Mayor of Reading

2pm, Sunday 10 July, RISC Centre, 35-39 London Street, Reading
All welcome – admission free

'This remarkable film will do for nuclear disarmament what 'An Inconvenient Truth did for the environment'' - Red Magazine







7 pm WEDNESDAY 23rd July 2008

Civic Centre Reading


Nuclear Emergency Planning

A non-political discussion on safety and emergency plans


Carolyn Murison

Principle Civil Contingencies Officer

West Berks. Council




The West Berks. Council Emergency Plan for AWE is on the Council’s website at It was due to be updated this year, but the 2004 version remains the current plan. The risks of a nuclear accident at AWE Aldermaston or Burghfield, or with a convoy on the road, may be small because reasonable precautions are taken by the MoD and AWE. However, the concern is that something will go terribly wrong and a nuclear release to the atmosphere will occur.

NAG Spring 2008 Newsletter

"Deadly Cargo" a professional film commissioned by Nukewatch from Camcorder Guerillas is being shown on 23rd April at in Reading after its launch in Glasgow on 29th March.


WEDNESDAY 23rd April 2008


7pm, RISC, 35 London Street, Reading


"Deadly Cargo"

A New Film of UK nuclear weapons transport


NAG Newsletter, Winter 2007/08

Reading Borough Council’s Emergency Planning Officer was unable to attend our October meeting, because an emergency exercise was due at Aldermaston in November. He will unfortunately not be able to be with us at our January meeting – possibly because the Emergency Plan is currently under revision, due for completion in January.


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