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Newsletter Summer 2006

Aldermaston has been a focus of protest for nearly 50 years. Protest is a national institution and a symbol of our democracy, but it has just been made virtually impossible. New bye-laws have been brought in which prohibit anyone from taking part in, attending or organising any meeting or procession outside AWE Aldermaston. They also prohibit the distribution or display of any "leaflet, sign, poster, notice or any similar form of "communication" outside Aldermaston.

Newsletter Spring 06

At a meeting of West Berks Council’s Eastern Area Planning Committee on January 25th, Councillors finally gave the “No Objections” to the massive laser building, which in due course will appear alongside Paices Hill. Evelyn was unfortunately time-barred from speaking against the proposal yet again – a total of 5 minutes was allocated for all objections, which is a nonsense when 4 parties have booked in to speak.

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